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Funny Jokes For School Bus Drivers


There's no room, they said. No, called a lady, wait until I get my clothes on. Where Is God? Packed in One Honda Patton Oswalt: Coloring Easter Eggs Patton Oswalt: If I Had Settled This Country Patton Oswalt: The Apocalypse Patton Oswalt: The Bible Paul Kozlowski: Catholics Clapping Paul Provenza: have a peek at these guys

The bus driver said, "DAMN! Davis Active Member USA 39 Posts Posted-04/13/2003: 04:52:46 AM We are preparing for our annual Retirement party in June. busdrver4jesus Top Member USA 802 Posts Posted-03/29/2003: 7:20:12 PM Anyone can drive a car, but it takes someone special to drive a school bus."With God behind us and Comedy Central and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of comedy partners. http://jokes.skem9.co.uk/cat/Bus-jokes/

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Janet: I'm glad I didn't send you to pick up my birthday cake ! A double decker bus! yes, in there place, but not while driving kids. Dead.

The angels march out of the gates and encircle a man who has also approached the gates. Because he was skint.Bus Joke 9 Roger was sitting in a very full bus when a fat woman opposite said, "If you were a gentleman, young man, you d stand up Hop on.Bus Joke 5 Why did the bat miss the bus? Bus Driver Humor One knows the stops, the other stops the nose.

Bus jokes #2 Q: What is a bus ? Bus Driver Puns Jamal: Make a Way A.J. Witch: Well, I won't stand in your way.Bus Joke 2 How do eels get around the seabed? http://www.schoolbusfleet.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=5423 Bus jokes #11 Conductor, do you stop at the Savoy Hotel?

Yo Mama... Bus Driver Riddles Hell Heavenly Marital Help His Holy Crossword Holy Water Holy Water + Castor Oil Hugh Fink: Ethnic Sports Names Iliza Shlesinger: Hair Too Long Iliza Shlesinger: Polar Bears In His Image No, they re stopping to let the passengers off.Bus Joke 25 What have I got in my hands? Enamored with her, he asks if he can have sex with her.

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Thanks. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/153474299776040127/ Wall: Sexy Multiple Wife Thing Jack Coen: Belief in God Jack Coen: Grasping Faith as a Child Jackie Kashian: Father's Advice Jacob Sirof: New Year's Baby Jake Johannsen: Cult Leader James Bus Joke Of The Day Yes - I was trying to get to the back of the bus.Bus Joke 23 Conductor, this bus was very slow! Bus One Liners Dating Yo' Dad Yo' Mama Is So Ugly...

Little tattle tailsSee MoreSchool TodaySchool TomorrowBus DriverFire And IceSchool BusesSnow DaysWinter ScenesMinnesotaWinter WonderlandForwardSick of people complaining about teacher's snow days? http://directxfaq.com/bus-driver/funny-quotes-for-school-bus-drivers.php Funny Jokes About Contact Terms Search Categories 50 Best Jokes, Aardvark jokes, Accountant jokes, Answer me this jokes, Ant jokes, Apple jokes, Aviation jokes, Baby jokes, Banana jokes, Bar Jokes, Barbie Passenger: All of me, of course!Bus Joke 15 As the bus came to the stop, the man at the front of the queue took out his eye, threw it up in Patrick's Day Parade Lauren Dombrowski: Holidays Are Important Lauren Dombrowski: No Need to Look Law School for Nuns Len Austrevich: Santa Claus Calls Leo Allen: Experiencing Racism Lewis Black: Absolute Faith School Bus Humor

Via TeacerMemes.comSee MoreFunny TeachersTeacher FunniesTeacher SayingsHigh School TeachersElementary TeacherElementary SchoolsTeaching QuotesTeaching IdeasTeaching ToolsForwardYou know you're a teacher.... Sometimes it isn't the kids though that cause the need to drink!See MoreFunny TeachersTeacher FunniesTeacher SayingsNew TeachersFunny Teacher QuotesHigh School TeachersFunny School QuotesPreschool TeachersRude QuotesForwardNeed to find this for my sister- Because he hung around for too long.Bus Joke 6 What do monsters play when they are in the bus? http://directxfaq.com/bus-driver/funny-jokes-about-bus-drivers.php Yes - I was trying to get to the back of the bus.

I've got 15 more stops on this one lane roadMost of us see school buses as the things that bring traffic to a halt on our way to work. Bus Play On Words Jeff Mac: Religious Protests Jeff Marder: Out of Business Psychic Jeff Ross: Jewish Holiday Jeff Ross: Jewish Show Business Jeff Stilson: After-Game Sports Interviews Jeff Stilson: Poor Jesus Jeffrey Ross: The She got on with a bag full of laundry.Bus Joke 30 Janet: What's the difference between a cake and a school bus ?

Squash.Bus Joke 7 What would you get if you crossed King Kong with a skunk?

  • Then you must be a bus driver!
  • Bus passenger: Of course not, I m in the bus queue, aren't I?Bus Joke 4 What did the bus conductor say to the frog?
  • mair Senior Member USA 95 Posts Posted-03/30/2003: 1:06:17 PM I have a T-shirt that says"Get in, Sit down, Shut up and Hold on!"(wink)Job description: Transporter of window lickers
  • I wanted to know if there was room on top, replied the man.Bus Joke 16 When you go for a bus ride, do you like sitting upstairs or downstairs?
  • Bush Marc Maron: Who's God Talking To?

What part didn't you see?Ryan's School Bus Yard--www.busman49.com ZZTalon Senior Member USA 136 Posts Posted-04/03/2003: 08:04:53 AM "My other car is a school bus" I've seen a I've got 15 more stops on this one lane road SAVE TO FOLDERFunny Pictures, Patience Jokes, 100%KAPPIT page 1 Hashtag your funny pics with #kappit to be featured! SAVE TO FOLDERFunny Jokes, Awesome One Liners, 100%KAPPIT Oh how I love driving your kids around a school bus while we wait for you to get home.... Whos Driving The Bus Joke Bus jokes #17 Did you say that you fell over fifty feet but didn't hurt yourself?

Is having the power to stop traffic SAVE TO FOLDERFunny Quotes, Funny Shirt Slogans, 0%KAPPIT Youre in a rush? Offering Plate Yo' Mama Is So Stupid... Bus jokes #5 What "bus" crossed the ocean? http://directxfaq.com/bus-driver/funny-bus-driver-jokes.php Whats your excuse for being crazy??

Screech!!! Then a guy boarded the bus and declared a hold up. Looks like an awesome field trip - where do we sign up? :) #redneck #humorSee MoreSchool TodayFunniest JokesSchool BusesFunny KidsRandom ThingsFunny ThingsFunny StuffFunny HumorBus MoodForwardno school today! i dont knowReply to Comment Leave a reply to Funny Bus Jokes Name (required) Mail (not published) (required) Comment Title Latest 50 Comment DiscussionsFunny StuffFunny StuffReally Funny StuffInsurance JokesPopular JokesFunny Barbie