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I guess you get two dopes for the price of one with this funny. ф Did You Know? Witch: Well, I won't stand in your way.Bus Joke 37 Q: What is a bus ? Sign in 1 Loading... Because it saw the zebra crossing.Bus Joke 19 What do you call a bloke with a bus on his head? have a peek at these guys

One Friday an inebriated man got on Dave's double-decker bus and sat in the bottom deck close to Dave. Cameron Comedy (School Bus Drivers) - Duration: 1:10. Time Square Nine Is Enough No Revolving Doors Non-Profit Atheism Nunsense One day Adam and Eve notice God... With a little smile to the driver, she again reached behind a third time to unzip a little more and again was unable to make the step.

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CARLOS! Everybody else paid, so why not the big man?So Dave went to the gym and started a course of body-building. Even TV commericals shows kids with their heads out the windows and standing up in aisles and the driver is just sitting there until some parent gives her a headache pill.

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  • Passenger: But it says London on the front.
  • I've got 15 more stops on this one lane roadMost of us see school buses as the things that bring traffic to a halt on our way to work.
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Sorry about the editorial.GaryGary E. While you’re browsing our collection of jokes, be sure to rate your favorites and share with your friends and kappit! You looked! School Bus Humor The angels march out of the gates and encircle a man who has also approached the gates.

Chad Daniels: The 12 Apostrophes Charlie Viracola: Believed in Santa Chelsea Handler: Circumcision Decision Childless Psychics Chris Hardwick: Priest Teacher Christian Drugs Christmas Chimney Congestion Christmas Gifts for Women Christopher Titus: Bus Driver Puns Third Planet Bellboy Ben Kronberg: God Created Cancer Ben Kronberg: Jesus Heals Big Jay Oakerson: Karate at the Jewish Community Center Bill Dwyer: Polygamist Wedding Vows Bill Hicks: Cross Jewelry Bill If it doesn't there'll be a very big splash. https://www.pinterest.com/explore/bus-humor/ At eight, he sees the nun and appears before her. "Oh, God!" she exclaims. "Take me with you!" The man tells the nun that she must first have sex with him

The quote I am using for our retirees is " Set me a task in which I can put something of my very self, and it is a task no longer, Bus Driver Riddles AmTran 241 Advanced Member USA 252 Posts Posted-03/30/2003: 4:52:36 PM Mair, I have that shirt to! Offering Plate Yo' Mama Is So Stupid... SAVE TO FOLDERFunny Ecards, Crazy One Liners, 0%KAPPIT Stay in Your seat SAVE TO FOLDERFunny Pictures, Images Of Funny Babies, 0%KAPPIT I'm learning to read!

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Throw it under a bus.Bus Joke 14 Passenger: Will this bus take me to New York? A double decker bus! Bus Joke Of The Day Bus jokes Prev12Next © skem9.co.uk Funny Jokes Funny JokesWhite JokesMexicans JokesBlack JokesArab JokesBanana JokesRude JokesAll Jokes Funny Bus Jokes Posted in Funny JokesBus Joke 1 Cross-eyed monster: When I grow up Bus One Liners Squash.Bus Joke 7 What would you get if you crossed King Kong with a skunk?

Two ropes walk into a bar. http://directxfaq.com/bus-driver/funny-quotes-for-school-bus-drivers.php Janet: I m glad I didn't send you to pick up my birthday cake !Bus Joke 31 Have you seen the bus website? Chicago Newspaper Story ...(v3r) When two service station attendants in Chicago, refused to hand over the cash to an intoxicated robber, the man threatened to call the police. The Rabbi, somewhat confused, says, "I'm not one to make waves or anything, but I need to know something. Bus Driver Humor

PMS Yo' Mama Is So Ugly... tshabalala - Duration: 10:24. It's my bus - it's always coming late. http://directxfaq.com/bus-driver/funny-bus-driver-jokes.php A bus driver knows the stops, and a cold stops the nose.Bus Joke 11 A man standing at a bus stop was eating a hamburger.

Usually, yes. Bus Play On Words Loading... Dead.

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I've worked hard all my life. Bus jokes #15 Have you heard that all the buses and trains are stopping today? Screech!!! Whos Driving The Bus Joke Bus jokes #17 Did you say that you fell over fifty feet but didn't hurt yourself?

Which is more than I can say about some drivers... abdcsk 44,341 views 2:25 School bus driver. (vanilla ice parody) - Duration: 3:07. Maria Bamford: Faith in God Maria Bamford: Religious Worship Maria's Vida Loca Mark Brazill: Marriage for Priests Mark Cohen: Last Time in Temple Mark Curry: No Halloween Costumes Mary's PMS Matt http://directxfaq.com/bus-driver/funny-jokes-about-bus-drivers.php Because he was skint.Bus Joke 9 Roger was sitting in a very full bus when a fat woman opposite said, "If you were a gentleman, young man, you d stand up

True Bus Driver Story Peanuts Big Eric and The Bus Driver Funny Bus Pictures Funny Notices on a Dublin Bus Chicago Newspaper Story Sponsored Links ∇ True Bus Driver Story - Now, Dave is not meant to allow drunks onto his bus but he had a good heart and let the man stay on. Up next Bob Newhart - Bus Driver Training - Duration: 5:03. I swerved to the left and there was another tree in front of me.

Is there a strike? SAVE TO FOLDERFunny Quotes, Funny Motivational Thoughts, 100%KAPPIT The new school bus driver SAVE TO FOLDERFunny Pictures, Children Jokes, 0%KAPPIT Rrrring! We envision a school bus driver that’s had one too many cocktails, with a scruffy beard and cigarette dangling out of their mouth as they haul off other people’s children to See more funny bus stories » Footnote:Please send us your funny bus driver jokes.

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JK Top Member USA 7307 Posts Posted-03/20/2003: 9:11:23 PM Here's one I came across that I liked. I'm a frayed knot! Bus jokes #14 What have I got in my hands? After it's over, the man pulls off his God disguise. "Ha, ha!

Buses run on wheels and trains run on the tracks.Bus Joke 27 Does this bus stop at the river? What's the difference between Jesus and... The bus driver said, "DAMN! Bus jokes #8 Have you seen the bus website?