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Interesting. Select the value that is closest to the altitude of the printer. For details about each setting item, refer to the online help of CentreWare Internet Services. Click [Print] in the [Print] dialog box to start printing. 3.3 Printing on Non-standard Size Paper... navigate here

Messages About Consumables Message Condition/Reason/Action Install PHD Unit The drum cartridge is not set. The ... solid-filled images. In this example, we will set [Low Power Timer] (an interval at which the printer switches to the Low Power mode) to [60 Minutes]. navigate to these guys

Example: A command for printing "event.pdf" when the printer's IP address is Page 64: Printing Using E-mail - E-mail Print, Setting E-mail Print Printing Using E-mail - E-mail Print - If the printer is networked and set up for e-mail and TCP/IP communication, If paper is jammed here, remove it. Page 76: Loading Paper, Loading Paper In A Paper Tray Loading Paper Loading Paper in a Paper Tray This section describes how to load paper in Tray 1 and Tray 2

outside of halftone images. Page 46 The following procedure explains how to load envelopes in Tray 1. Insert the trays into the printer. Page 91: System Settings System Settings [System Settings] menu is used to make the printer operation settings such as for alarm and Energy Saver mode.

Page 114 Symptom Cause/Remedy Output is partially blank. Note • After changing the settings on CentreWare Internet Services, make sure to click the [Apply] button and reboot the printer. • For information about each item, refer to the online CentreWare Internet Services can check the status of consumables and the paper level of the paper tray, too. Double printing with appropriate margins Refer to • "7.11 Adjusting the Fuser Unit Temperature" (P. 170) Ghost The paper type is incorrect.

Xerox, Xerox and Design, as well as Fuji Xerox and Design are registered trademarks or trademarks of Xerox Corporation in Japan and/or other countries. Before loading labels or envelopes, fan them to make sure Paper jams occur. Printing from a Computer This section outlines the basic procedure for sending print jobs from Windows applications. This feature is called StatusMessenger. • If you send the printer an e-mail asking for the its status, the printer sends you the information by e-mail.

On the [Edit User Account] page, enter [User Account Number] and click the [Edit] button. 7 Maintenance... http://onlinesupport.fujixerox.com/processDriverForm.do?ctry_code=SG&model=DocuPrint%202065&corp_pid=DP2065&rts=null&oslist=Macintosh%20OS%20X&type_id=2&lang_list=en&lang_code=en&d_lang=en Shadow is printed around The paper is not recommended for used with the printer. Slightly raise the right side while holding down the left side, and slide out the Fuser Unit. Page 26 Obtaining an IP Address in IPv6 The printer supports IPv6 addresses.

Page 156 For [IPSec SA Life Time], specify the IPSec SA lifetime. check over here The printer can automatically print e-mails and PDF files attached to e-mails. Page 39: Turning On And Off The Printer, Turning On The Printer, Turning Off The Printer Turning On and Off the Printer Turning On the Printer Press the power switch of Adjust the Fuser Unit temperature quickly.

If using coated paper, load one sheet at a time. Press the cover button on the right side of the printer and open the front cover. Page 145: Checking The Printer Status Via E-mail Checking the Printer Status via E-mail If your printer is networked and set up for e-mail and TCP/IP communication, you can perform the http://directxfaq.com/fuji-xerox/fuji-xerox-c2120-mac-driver.php Refer to • "Supported Paper" (P. 71) The paper is damp.

The following describes how to install a print driver on your computer. Page 9: Using This Guide Using This Guide Organization This guide is organized into the following chapters. Note • The user ID and password set on this page will be used also on your print driver. 12.

And it was a low-end printer, so I imagine there's a fair bit of that going on in that marketplace.

Page 12: Electrical Safety Consult your local Fuji Once a month, switch off this product and Xerox representative to check if an outlet is check if grounded. • the power cord The NV memory is nonvolatile memory that retains the settings of the printer even when its power is switched off. Front Cover Removed the jammed paper, and then open and close the front cover. Set the printer settings by selecting any menu or item.

Page 13: Machine Installation Machine Installation Locate this product in a well-ventilated area. Always follow all warning instructions marked on or supplied with this product. Page 85: Setting Example Setting Example: Changing the Energy Saver Setting Use the following procedure to set a value with the control panel. weblink Page 108 Raise the transfer belt unit until it locks into place.

Load new paper. You can use IPv6 addresses with this printer under an IPv6 network environment. Refer to • "Supported Paper" (P. 71) The Feed Roller Unit is damaged or old. XXX=Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, or Important Black...

The default is [Long Edge Flip]. For [PFS], select whether or not to enable PFS (Perfect Forward Security). 10. Page 174 Return the belt unit to its original position. Page 164 Registering the Login Information on the Print Driver (Computer) Configure the following settings under the properties dialog box on your print driver.

Page 65 E-mail Environment (Printer) Set the following items under the [Properties] tab on CentreWare Internet Services. To use as a network printer, connect the printer to a computer via a network. Safety Notes Describes information you need to know before using the printer and to operate the printer safely. Page 4: Docuprint C2120 Features DocuPrint C2120 Features Easy-to-Use, Compact, High Quality Color Printer • Compact printer that fits on your desktop. • Oil-free fusing technology that produces prints that you

Page 38: Control Panel Display Control Panel Display There are two types of screens: Print screen (for displaying printer status) and Menu screen (for configuring settings). It is a recent enough release that Apple doesn't seem to have it listed as a separate download yet. Doing so could damage the tray or the inside the printer. Paper Storage Environment •...