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When a designer needs to add a USB port, rest assured that FTDI Chip has a full range of USB solutions to get the job done. In some cases they can reduce system costs by removing an RS232 level shifter from a design. The integrated electronics also include the RS485 transceiver plus Tx and Rx LEDs which give a visual indication of traffic on the cable (if transparent USB connector specified). VNC1L: The VNC1L is the first generation device of the FTDI Vinculum family of USB Host / Slave Controller ICs, which are designed to deliver USB Host level interfacing capabilities to this contact form

Enabling designers to implement USB quickly into a design, FTDI Chip provides total solutions including silicon chips, development tools, application notes, and software support. USB has expanded beyond PC usage, and can now be found in all market segments, including Industrial, Medical, Consumer, Communications, Networking and many more. The module is based on the FTDI FT2232H (USB 2.0 Hi-Speed device) and includes level shifters to support full RS232 level signaling. Bonilla Hdez – October 25, 2011 The equipment does as advertised.

Usb To Rs485 Driver Windows 7

Manufacturer of most types of serial communication converters for industrial, commercial and general use. I got the job done in no time. C232HM-DDHSL-0 C232HM-EDHSL-0 C232HD-DDHSP-0 C232HD-EDHSP-0 USB Hi-Speed - MPSSE Cables - Example applications: C232HM MPSSE Cable in USB to SPI Interface C232HM MPSSE Cable in USB to I2C/SMBUS interface © Future

UART, MPSSE or FIFO and with different parameters such as 4 UARTS all operating with different baud rates. The GM-482422 USB to RS485 / RS422 Converter is plug-and-play without any jumper settings needed for mode shifting between full duplex (RS422) and half duplex (RS485). USB to RS-485 – RS-422 Converter is applicable for all existing communication software and interface hardware. Rs485 To Usb Converter Price The VNC2 offers a complete USB system solution in a single IC.

Pound U.S. Usb To Rs485 Converter The VNC1L supports UART, SPI slave and 8-bit parallel FIFO interfaces to enable communication with external processing devices. You need to download proper software to get it to work though. *Reviewed at Amazon.com Rated 5 out of 5 Jeffery S – July 24, 2012 Not much I can say, http://www.ftdichip.com/USB.html FT211 G-Sensor Shield - for direct connection to an Arduino Pro and VinculumII development boards FT-X-GPS - used to enable location services under the Windows Operating System VDrive3 - Vinculum-II USB

USB-DUO DB9-USB Modules USB-COM232-PLUS1 USB-COM232-PLUS2 USB-COM232-PLUS4 USB-COM422-PLUS1 USB-COM422-PLUS2 USB-COM422-PLUS4 USB-COM485-PLUS1 USB-COM485-PLUS2 USB-COM485-PLUS4 USB-DUO The USB-DUO brings together the FT231XS and FT3243S in Usb To Rs485 Converter Cable The module also features LEDs for power, TXD, RXD status indication. Description Processor Files Size XS1000 Serial to Ethernet Converter - Basic IC+ IP210T Drivers/datasheets.zip 19.0MB BF430 Serial to Ethernet Converter - PRO RDC R1610-G Drivers/datasheets.zip 15.0MB HLSE03P Serial to Ethernet Converter Converters LLC offers you excellent service, support and quality.

Usb To Rs485 Converter

USB-COM485-PLUS2 Datasheet VCP Drivers D2XX Drivers USB-COM485-PLUS4 The USB-COM485-Plus4 module is a single USB interface to four independent RS485 ports, communication device.The integrated electronics of the https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/FTDI,-Future-Technology-Devices-International-Ltd/USB-RS485-WE-1800-BT/768-1041-ND/2179735 The VNC2 is a fully programmable device and is supported with the Vinculum Software Tool Suite, which provides an easy to use C based development environment to enable user firmware development. Usb To Rs485 Driver Windows 7 Add To Favorites This feature is only available for registered users. Usb To Rs485 Cable Thank you for your patience.

Alternatively, the designer can configure VNC2 with one of the many precompiled ROM files developed by FTDI to cover a range of popular interfaces. http://directxfaq.com/usb-to/ftdi-usb-rs485-we-driver.php FT231X Datasheet FT3243 Datasheet AN 207 USB-DUO VCP Drivers D2XX Drivers DB9-USB Modules The DB9-USB range of modules provide a simple and fast method of migrating Please Login or Register. Transmission Distance: RS485/422: 1.2km (all rates), USB: 5 Meters Interface Protection: 600W Lightning Strike and surge suppression, +- 15KV ESD protection Signaling Diagnostics: LEDs for POWER, TX and RX Dimensions: 62x33x19 Rs485 To Usb Converter Circuit Diagram

To support this chip, we offer a development kit and GPIO interface board to jump-start engineers' designs and provide easy access and integration into users' end systems. USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Modules A range of hardware modules designed to develop with the FT60x series of USB3.0 ICs from FTDI Chip, the UMFT60xA and UMFT60xX range of evaluation/development modules feature Android Host (FT311D/FT312D) The FT311D IC is designed to specifically host Android platforms that support Android Open Accessories (AOA) mode (Android 3.1 onwards). navigate here RPI-Hub-Module Datasheet Application note AN_221_Adding_An_ADC_to_a_Raspberry_Pi explains how to install FTDI D2xx drivers on the Rapsberry Pi platform and then wire up an ADC to the RPi_HUB module.

Universal Serial Bus (USB) is now established as the de-facto interface for connecting systems with a reliable, low-cost digital link. Usb To Rs485 Converter Moxa Worked perfect from the very beginning. VNC1L is ideal for implementing USB interfacing within existing applications which do not already have USB, example applications include adding USB Flash drive connectivity to a wide range of consumer and

Cables are FCC, CE, RoHS compliant.

USB-485 Echo Configuration Utility VCP Drivers D2XX Drivers Part Number FTDI Chipset UART Connector Type Max UART Baud Rate Cable Length Additional Voltage Output

Click here for a full brochure on our USB designs USB Device Solutions With over 30 USB peripheral chips offered in 5 product families, designers can choose the device The integrated electronics of the USB-COM485-PLUS2 utilise the FTDI FT2232H (USB 2.0 Hi-Speed device) and includes RS485 level shifters plus Power/TXD/RXD LEDs to provide a visual indication of data traffic through This chip will enumerate to provide a bridge to a variety of platforms selectable from 3 GPIO lines. Usb To Rs485 Converter Radio Shack In some cases this can be done without the need to redesign the PCB.

Even the RS232 standard is an older communication protocol it is still used by many modern devices in both business and consumer markets and is also often used for personal and Required fields are marked *Your rating Rate… Perfect Good Average Not that bad Very poor Your review *Name * Email * Related products Pro 5ft. Product Overview Digi-Key Part Number 768-1041-ND Quantity Available 4,191 Can ship immediately Manufacturer FTDI, Future Technology Devices International Ltd Manufacturer Part Number USB-RS485-WE-1800-BT Description CABLE USB RS485 WIRE END 1.8M Lead his comment is here For a full list of products please visit our Development Modules page.

Products: USB-RS422-WE-1800-BT - 180cm USB to UART cable with RS422 level UART signals USB-RS422-WE-5000-BT - 5m USB to UART cable with RS422 level UART signals USB-RS422-PCB - USB to UART cable The cable provides a fast, simple method to connect equipment with an RS485 interface to USB.Features:• Entire USB protocol handled by the electronics in the cable.• UART interface support for 7 USB-COM485-PLUS1 Datasheet USB-485 Echo Configuration Utility VCP Drivers D2XX Drivers USB-COM485-PLUS2 The USB-COM485-PLUS2 module is a single USB interface to two independent RS485 ports, communication device.